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      Unique Education Concept: Accompanied by Beauty

      Foison Arts Training Center, accompanied by beauty, embellished by love.

      Beauty can enlighten people to have good virtue. By learning artistic skills, you can experience the delight of art and cultivate the beauty of art creation. By using the beauty of art, we enlighten people's mind and wisdom, arouse people's creativity and cultivate kindness and gratitude.

      Be kind, enlighten wisdom, and cultivate love!

      Enlighten the soul with art, and make life full of art!

      Grade — Style and Taste — obtained through aesthetic education

      Competence — Intelligence and Innovation — obtained through creative training

      Cultivation — Tolerance and Peace — obtained through a multicultural experience

      Nature — Fulfillment and Courage — obtained through the realization of the above

      The famous educator Cai Yuanpei said: "Aesthetic educators shall apply theory in education, with a purpose of fostering feelings."

      This unique position and role of aesthetic education is indispensable, and it is hard to be replaced by moral education, intellectual education and physical education. Not only can aesthetic education assist the completion of moral education, but also can it facilitate the leap of intellectual education. When you are immersed in the atmosphere of natural beauty or artistic beauty, you will dispel the impulse of possession and have the "impulse of creation". Therefore, he demanded “cultivating feelings in addition to learning knowledge” and “developing art while developing science”, not only to understand the meaning and value of life, but also to have a lively spirit in scientific research and stimulate the vitality of creation, which helps foster innovative talents.



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